2020-2021 Board


  1. Nomination Period, Jan. 31st - Feb. 15th
  2. Q&A for Nominees, Feb. 16th - 19th
  3. Nominees Submit Statements, Feb. 20th - Feb. 28th
  4. Online Elections Period, March 1st - 14th
  5. Results Announced, March 14th at noon

Newly Elected Executive Board


Clement Garcia

Clement is Vice President of Delta Valley SHPE, and he plays an important role in managing the day-to-day activities of DV SHPE. He attended University of the Pacific and graduated with a B.S. in computer science in 2018. He has been a SHPE member since 2014, serving as Treasurer and then President of the University of the Pacific chapter as well as his current role in DV SHPE.
As President, my personal mission is to build a stronger foundation for Delta Valley SHPE by focusing on internal operations of the chapter. This would include membership growth/retention, social activities and workshops, and more. Delta Valley SHPE has had a great first year, and I believe the best way to capitalize on the momentum is to strengthen our membership base and make ourselves known within the Stockton-Sacramento area as well as within Region 1 of SHPE. Please consider my leadership experience within SHPE when voting. Thank you for your consideration.


Chris Montes

Christian Montes is an Aerospace Systems Engineer within Northrop Grumman (NG) Corporation. He has worked with integration and testing for GPS systems intended for military aircraft within NG. He graduated from the University of California Merced with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics - Engineering Emphasis. Throughout his collegiate career, Chris was involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers for all four years. He has held numerous leadership positions within the organization, including events coordinator, RLDC Chair, Vice President, and President his senior year. Upon graduating, he has become a member of Adelante, a Hispanic-based employee resource group for NG and took leadership roles as STEM Coordinator and Vice President. He continues to support SHPE because of his passion to spread STEM awareness to the next generation of aspiring professionals and students. On his free time, Chris enjoys playing his guitar and drums, playing sports, and spending time with friends and family.
As a nominee for the Vice President chair, I have divided my reasoning into 3 prongs for my qualification: my experience, what can DV-SHPE offer me, and what I can offer to DV-SHPE. Primarily I have held numerous leadership roles within SHPE that have prepared me for this position. I attended NILA in 2016 which helped enhance my leadership skills for the following year. I have held the role of Vice President for two different engineering organizations and I know what it takes to support the leading president and the chapter as a whole. During my campaign we helped increase membership retention and internship/full time offers to our members. DV-SHPE offers a platform as a professional to give back to the aspiring student community. Through our organization, I am able to help give advice to those molding into professionals or those who express interest in the STEM field. My personal mission for the chapter would be to help increase STEM awareness to K-12 and collegiate students as well as market our chapter for future retention. I want to also serve as a resource for professional guidance to better prepare students entering full time roles and responsibilities. Thank you for the opportunity to campaign for this position!


Monica Cedeno

Monica Cedeno is an assistant engineer at Wood Rodgers. After graduating from Liberty Ranch High School, she attended Sacramento State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Coming from a migrant and first generation background, she was affiliated with the CAMP, EOP, and MESA programs, which facilitated her success as a student. She has been a member of SHPE since 2015 in which she served as a Jr. Chapter Representative. She continues to support SHPE because it’s a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of students with limited resources and support the community. In her free time, Monica enjoys dancing, traveling, and trying new foods.
As Treasurer for Delta Valley SHPE, Monica will work towards expanding corporate relationships to increase sponsorships within the chapter. She plans to utilize and manage the budget throughout the year in order to help run successful events. Also, she plans on organizing fundraising efforts to help increase funds. As a new professional, she's highly motivated to gain new skill sets from her work and apply them to the chapter. She thanks the organization for giving her an opportunity to run for this position.


Gery Dawson

Gery Dawson Martinez is a PCB Designer Intern at NetworkSound Inc. He plays in an important role in designing, building, and testing professional audio products. He attended California State University, Sacramento and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has been involved in SacSHPE as the Communications Executive for 2018 and Vice President for 2018-2019. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
As Secretary, my personal mission is to continue to keep Delta Valley SHPE organized and to keep members up to date with any events and workshops. As Communications Executive I have had the experience creating newsletters for members and being point of contact for sponsors, professionals and our members. Please consider my experience as Communications Executive as an advantage to being successful in this position. Thank you for this opportunity.